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Pioneer’s Quality Corner Featuring Andrea Morgan-Bedasse, MD


Pioneer’s success is dependent on our unwavering commitment to deliver quality medical care. One of our medical staff members is an example of the Pioneer way, using the Three Pillars: Teamwork, Compassion, and Patient-Centric Care. Dr. Andrea Morgan-Bedasse joined Pioneer Medical Group in December 2020. She is the first Pioneer hospitalist to earn a 100% composite score, meeting all outcome measure and process measure goals for the month of August 2021.

Andrea grew up in Jamaica. During her childhood she was introduced to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and school system by her neighbor. She was inspired by the scriptures and hymns that she learned at that time. Andrea recalls having a difficult childhood and likens her experience to the bird that learned to sing in the dark so that it could sing anywhere. Andrea’s humility is inspiring as she does not take any honor for her accomplishments stating, “God has made everything possible.”

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church promotes a healthy lifestyle, as a result Andrea was interested in her health and knew by the time she was only 9 years old that she wanted to be a doctor. Reading the book “Think Big” by Dr. Ben Carson sealed her decision. Shortly after high school, her father passed away. Andrea was advised to take a break from her studies, she started working in the bank, first as a customer service representative and soon after as a bank teller. She credits this experience to learning how to deliver exceptional customer service to her patients. After working at the bank for a year, Andrea was encouraged by her high school geography teacher, Mrs. Veta Rowe, to continue her studies and to become a medical doctor. Veta helped Andrea research and apply for a scholarship that paid for her tuition, boarding and books for medical school.

After completing Medical School in Jamaica, Andrea worked in an Emergency Department and subsequently an outpatient clinic. While she loved caring for people, she always wanted to follow-up with her patients in the hospital. She knew that having continuity of care with her patients was

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