MDR Bazaar


MDR Bazaar

The MDR Bazaar was created to promote efficiency during the multidisciplinary rounding process, involving all key stakeholders, and allow for the ability to scale MDRs to larger facilities.

Benefits of MDRs:

  • Improved coordination and communication among healthcare professionals
  • Reduction in medical errors and improved patient outcomes
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Improved job satisfaction of healthcare professionals

Goals of MDR Bazaar:

  • Follows corporate initiative to have physician led MDRs
  • CM, ANM, physician at minimum present
  • 7 days per week
  • Scheduled
  • Intentional

How does MDR Bazaar work?

  • All stakeholders group together in cluster units at one time, with at least a 3-5 foot space between them, ie 6th floor, next to 5th floor, then 3rd floor, etc.
  • All physicians arrive at the same time, and go to an open stakeholder group
  • The physicians present their patients, discuss opportunities, focusing on discharge barriers, then allow the CM, ANM, and any other stakeholder to present information
  • When the physician completes rounds at that unit, they move to the next one with open availability until they complete their rounding list.
  • Stakeholder units remain present until they complete their unit list
  • The entire MDR lasts between 25 – 40 minutes regardless of the size of the facility

Benefits of MDR Bazaar vs traditional geographic floor MDRs:

  • Efficiency
  • Satisfaction
  • Ability to incorporate different providers (not just one Hospitalist group, can be all groups, and can include specialists)
  • Ability to scale to large facilities
  • Improved throughput


  • Finding a private location large enough to contain all stakeholders is the first challenge
  • Cannot include bedside RNs, as all RNs cannot leave the unit at one time.
  • Difficult for stakeholders that are not unit based, eg – non-unit-based pharmacy


In conclusion, MDRs have been shown to have a number of benefits in a hospital setting. These benefits include improved communication and coordination among healthcare professionals, improved patient satisfaction, improved efficiency and cost savings, and improved satisfaction and job satisfaction among healthcare professionals. With the MDR Bazaar we have been able to further improve efficiency for all stakeholders, scale a successful MDR to large facilities, improve throughput, and incorporate providers outside of one hospitalist group, and also specialists.

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